Flotsam and Jetsam at 3:37 a.m.

1.  Why am I not sleeping?  Evening exercise class?  Is this going to happen twice a week now? 

2.  This pillow has no cool side.

3.  Nice, it's starting to rain.

4.  Are the rain barrel covers off or on?  Should I go check?  Might wake Steve up, though.

5. ... Never mind, it stopped.

6.  This neighborhood is so quiet.

7.  And the streetlights are so bright.

8.  Did I lock my car?

9.  Maybe I can sleep a little later if I need to.  Tomorrow's schedule is flexible.  I mean today.  Today's schedule.  Which starts in 2.3 hours.

10.  These sheets are soft.  And hot.

11.  Why does kicking out a foot regulate my entire body temperature?

12.  Those twelve raindrops smelled good. Soon it will be too cool to leave the window open at night.

13.  It's almost October.  When did that happen?  Thank god for cooler weather.

14.  I wonder where the winter blanket is.

15.  I wonder if winter will even be cold this year.  Polar ice caps are melting, after all.

16.  El Nino weather patterns coming, they say.  What does that even mean?  Fits and squalls, like a baby?

17.  I wish the kids would call.

18.  I'll call Mom tomorrow.

19.  Got to remember to box up the shoes to return.

20.  Might as well box up the gifties at the same time.  Make one trip to the post office.

21.  Maybe Steve would take them to the post office for me.

22.  Somebody's sleeping well.

23.  I'm hungry.  Is there any quiche left? Did I set up the coffeepot last night?

24.  Now I'm cold.

25.  I love this bed. How old is it?  We got it the same week we bought the house on San Carlos, and got the puppy for the kids.  We made the offer on Halloween night.  So, October of ...

26.  ...

27.  ... 1998?  This mattress is 15 years old.

28.  That explains a lot.

29.  If I got up, I could read.

30.  And eat breakfast. Coffee! With cream, for a treat. 

31.  I could go to work early and catch up on paperwork.

32.  Nah.

33.  Did I pay the mortgage yet?

34.  Too bad about the wind farm.  But a sprawling solar compound on the ranch is a good idea. 

35.  Does it cost a lot?  How long does it take?  Could we tie into the existing transmission lines?  Do you have to fence off a solar array from the cattle?  Maybe the shade would be nice for them.  Maybe they could scratch their backs on the posts.  Maybe concrete footings would be required.  How do people begin these things?  Who should we talk to about that? 

36.  Angie's List might be a place to start.

37.  Or the yellow pages.

38.  Who uses the yellow pages? I'll Google it.

39.  I'll look on LinkedIn.

40.  Who uses LinkedIn? For reals.

41.  I'm sad about the baby panda that died.

42.  I wish the kids would call.

43.  Eight straight hours of solid sleep is a hoax.

44.  I should just get up and do stuff.

45.  Or I could just lie here, enjoying the feeling of resting.  hahaha

46.  What do I want to read next?  "Catherine the Great"?  "The Dovekeepers"? Something else by Mankell?  That was a good one, "The Man Who Smiled."  Not a great title.  Titles are tricky.

47.  Should titles have verbs?  More seem to these days.  Maybe not.

48.  How am I ever going to make that Chambers directory deadline? 

49.  I'll have to delay the 2013 marketing plan and the RFPs -- again -- to get it done. 

50.  Did I put toothpaste on the shopping list?  I think I have the dentist next week.

51.  Is it time to schedule a physical?

52.  She's going to scold me into scheduling a colonoscopy.  "It's time."  What does she know?  She's only the doctor.  The 12-year-old doctor.

53.  I so do not want to do that.

54.  Thank god for modern medicine, though.

55.  Big baby.

56.  Do I need to put gas in the car?

57.  I better get up a little early so I have time.  hahaha

58.  As soon as I return the shoes that don't fit, I can look for another pair that does fit.

59.  My feet used to be smaller.

60.  My everything used to be smaller.

61.  Are my enormous black pants clean for tomorrow?  Today, I mean. 

62.  That was not enough rain that I can skip watering the plants before work.

63.  Plants are kind of a lot of work.

64.  That's why I am digging a 20 x 16 garden for the spring. 320 square feet.  It will be great.  Really.

65.  An herb spiral with rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme, cilantro, apple mint, chocolate mint.

66.  Sunflowers. Okra. Tomatoes. Chiles.  Squash.  Peas.  Beets.  Beets I will have all to myself.

67.  Still hungry.

68.  4:12 a.m. is practically dawn.

69.  If I get up now and get the boxes done, I can waste time reading blogs and whatnot for an hour.  For a treat.

70.  Strategic napping, that's the key.

71.  Did I set the alarm? hahaha

72.  Why fight it?

73.  "Arise, fair sun," when you will.  Today I beat you to the starting line.



  1. ... and generally I finally fall asleep about 15 minutes before time to get up...

  2. So funny and wise. Glad I am not the only one waking up at 4 a.m. and obsessing about everything.

  3. Wouldn't it be simpler and more relaxing to get up and make a couple of gallons of green chili stew to mail to friends in the morning?
    Standing stew vs. reclining stew ... no contest, the standing builds endorphins.

  4. That's a good idea, Charlie. Next time, for sure.

  5. I've resorted to trying melatonin. No, it's not working.