Book Review: LOOK AT ME (Jennifer Egan)

Dang, that woman can write. I say it after every book of hers I read, and it is true. Recently I came across an article in which she said that LOOK AT ME (2001) was one of her favorites. I can see why, although A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD (2010) is still my favorite. Egan does incredibly risky tricks with point of view. I study and study them, and not only can I not figure out exactly how she pulls them off, the studying doesn't even take me out of the story. LOOK AT ME starts out about a model, Charlotte, whose face is rebuilt after a car accident (I'm giving nothing away; it's in the first sentence) and how the event affects her sense of identity. The book is also about a teenage girl, also named Charlotte, and how their lives and families touch. It's not what you think. So good. Highly recommend it.

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  1. I was blown away by her masterful changes in POV in The Goon Squad, too. I'll check out Look At Me. Thanks.