How to Cook Green Chile Stew

Every New Mexican has a green chile stew recipe, and each is a little different. Here's mine, which is easy, forgiving and variable. Serves 4 to 8.

1-2 cups roasted, peeled, chopped green chile
(Add or subtract, depending on your heat tolerance. For me, the hotta the betta.)
1-2 pounds cubed or ground pork, well browned. (Chicken, beef or turkey is good too.)
1-2 onions, chopped and browned with meat.
1-3 minced garlic cloves
1 chopped tomato (or a can of diced)
4-8 cups chicken broth (homemade or canned)
4-8 cups diced potatoes.  Peel or don't, whichever you prefer.  Skip them if you're off carbs.
4-8 cups cooked beans. Any kind is fine. I like pinto beans.

1. Have your galley slave wash and cube potatoes. Set aside.

2. Brown meat and onions. Add garlic at the last minute. Don't let it burn.

3. Put meat/onions/garlic/potatoes/beans/tomato/chile in a big pot. Add broth to cover (more if you like).  Heat on medium 15 or 20 minutes. 

4. When the potatoes are done, salt to taste. Serve hot.

Top with grated cheese, chopped avocado, or crushed tortilla chips, or serve naked.  (The soup, not you.)  Warm flour tortillas ease the heat on your tongue.

The recipe doubles or triples easily.  Use more potatoes, beans or broth to stretch.  Convert to vegetarian by leaving out the meat and substituting vegetable broth.  I've made it with just green chile and broth (excellent treatment for a cold).

How to Roast and Peel Green Chiles
(Do NOT touch your eyes while doing this.)

Questions? Just ask. I'd love to hear how yours turned out.


  1. Thanks for that, Kelly! We love chile!

  2. You're welcome, Mary. I love that you spelled it the Spanish way -- the only correct way, to me.

  3. Three little words that mean so much to me and my stomach. I stepped on my tongue as I ran to my stove and now I have to have my head examined. Nothing new, but I’m left with a craving. Haunting. Aching for Green Chile Stew. You knew this would happen. But a memory is better than no thought at all. Right? Does drool stain clothing?

  4. thanks for that great Chile dish; you were very generous to share. I bet a bit of your mother's influence is in that. i promise not to serve it to you; soon Selma

  5. Yum! I am all over this...luckily I have galley slaves!