My Three New Favorite Words

"For you, anything."

These are my new favorite words to say. A friend tweeted it to someone recently. It glowed on the screen like a neon sign of approval. I thought, what a wonderful thing.

"For you, anything" is even better than my previous favorite: "Yes!" I try to find ways to say an enthusiastic yes to people -- requests, favors, appearances, recommendations, help, volunteer work, gas money -- to pay back all the times people said yes to me, even when it was hard for them, and even when I didn't deserve it.

"Yes" is good karma. "Yes" makes the world go around. "Yes" is a leap of faith.

"For you, anything" is even better. It's "yes because it's you" and "yes because you're special" and "yes because we're in this together." Whole new rich layers of "yes!"

Realistically, I know I can't always do anything for anybody. But just as realistically, I will come a lot closer to success using that as my default setting than the knee-jerk "Never work! Here's why!" that comes standard-issue with so many (unimaginative) people.

"For you, anything" instantly radiates possibility, positivity, generosity and alliance. It's a sudden sunbeam, bright with belonging.

And it's all-purpose: motto, attitude, customer-service approach, marriage contract, friendship bond, parenting tool, day-brightener, forgiveness mechanism, lesson in being humble, service-above-self mantra.

Way of life.


  1. I like.......I still drop back to ANTs

  2. great idea; i am going to try it!! Selma

  3. I will certainly get to use that out tomorrow at school. What a rich way to say "yes"!!! Thank you for passing this on. Joanne Lobeski Snyder

  4. Beautiful thought. Now for putting it into action.