Leftover-Lamb Curry with a Side of Marijuana

Friends had us over last week for a lamb chop dinner, which was spectacular. They sent the leftover lamb home with us. Score. Click here for an easy way to make a lamb curry with leftovers. I served it over jasmine rice, and I added a little cayenne for heat, extra curry because Steve loves it, a handful of golden raisins, a few peanuts on top for more crunch, and carrots and potatoes on the side, because, gosh, there didn't seem to be enough starchy carbs already. (Asparagus would have been great.)

While I cooked our Saturday lunch, Steve read me two dozen pages from his current manuscript in progress, "The Big Wink," a novel about the shady business of medical marijuana in northern California.


  1. How fun - what a great Saturday. Looking forward to reading Steve's latest in hardcover.

  2. Gosh, I was thinking maybe this is the way I would like lamb......ah well...

  3. I'll look forward to reading it! I'm still astonished about how many entrepreneurs were waiting in the wings to go into business.
    Joanne Lobeski Snyder