Hidden Treasure

South of Redding, off Clear Creek Road, lies a gem of spot for an outing on a sunny afternoon. The Clear Creek Gorge Overlook and Trailhead has been improved beautifully over the past few years, and now is better than ever for a picnic, a hike or a dip in a coldwater pool.

Clear Creek cuts a crooked swath through the canyons alongside Clear Creek Road. At the gorge, it zigzags through channels carved into jagged rocks. The recently built overlook is a tiled plaza with guardrails that sits on a high point, so you can look straight down into the clear water in search of migrating salmon. Completely wheelchair accessible, the park has picnic tables and restrooms.

Paved and gravel trails branch out from the overlook, part of more than 12 miles of trails along the Clear Creek Greenway. Views along the trails are splendid right now because the water is high and trees and brush haven't fully leafed out yet.


  1. If you've still got legs, I'd further recommend a drive up to the Horsetown Clear Creek Preserve. On the left side of the road (with the parking lot), there's great creek access. If you cross and head out into the trails on the right side of the road, you will eventually come to some jaw-dropping views of the CC Gorge. Bring your walking shoes, though.

  2. It was amazing to stand at the beautiful new overlook on Clear Creek and watch salmon swimming up the stream. And I laughed when I looked to the west and saw the little beach where we used to skinny dip in the 80s. I love the new trails; especially the ones along the edge of the CC gorge. Joanne Lobeski

  3. Joanne Lobeski Snyder.....I was in a time warp there for a moment