Clear a Path

Wisdom from Windshield Rosary:
“Clear a path,” is what John says when there is too much stuff between us and the emergency exits. God forbid we trip while running for the door. So we take the preventive measure of pushing piles of clothes and papers out of our way or into a closet. This is fine and dandy except, of course, that nothing actually gets clean or organized. The disorder is simply displaced, temporarily and repeatedly. Which is a problem because I actually believe tidiness breeds optimism. The day seems more doable without a huge mess between us and our dreams. So my wish for today is simple, if not boring. I wish to clean my house. I wish to organize and de-clutter. If possible, I would like to fill my giveaway bin with 28 items (one item for each day of this month). Finally, I wish to figure out a system that helps me keep my home company-ready.
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  1. Kelly, You totally made my day. Thanks! ~Christina

  2. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like hoard.

  3. Ironic post, Darling, coming from my Scandinavian-style-clear-countertops girlfriend...
    Nonetheless, very useful for moi :)