Good Vibes

My right foot has begun to buzz. It's a slight but distinct vibration in one particular spot. Comes and goes. No reason. Doesn't hurt. Doesn't itch, burn or bother me in any way. Feels rather pleasant, in fact. It's like a brief message from space. A built-in joy buzzer. The most probable explanation I can think of is that a nerve is reacting to my running, but I'm no doctor, so for all I know it's an early distant warning of an earthquake. Or maybe someone is sticking pins in my voodoo doll. Anyway, I find it curious. Do your feet ever buzz? Tell the truth.


  1. Welcome to the world of neurological anomaly! Some of us have been buzzing for years! Do not fear earthquakes or voodoo, Darlin'. Your nervous system just wants to have its own party. :) --m

  2. Kelly,
    This makes me smile. I noticed a vibration sitting in a waiting room recently and thought it was some big electrical surge through the chair - even looked under it for wires, cables, whatnot. Nothing. When I got home and sat down at my computer there it was again. Apparently that 'business' in my hip was having a say. Today it's quiet.
    All my best.

  3. Margaret and Louise, you're both so funny. Thanks for sharing. :) It's very helpful.

    Anybody else?

  4. she says several days later.... my legs and feet buz all the time... remember that little back/neck thingie you went through? it's all connected. When you can't sleep because of it, back to PT!