What I Really, Really Like about 'Julie & Julia'

Doni and I went to see Saturday's first show of "Julie & Julia" at our favorite theater, Prime Cinemas in Anderson. Yes, it is a fun chick flick. And a delicious food movie. And a thrilling book-publishing movie and blogger story and a tres bien French story. Mais oui.

The characters are human and lovable, completely three-dimensional. The acting is superb. The women are very female without being ditzy or helpless, and the men are very male without being oafs or buffoons. Their differences are played up as strengths, not weaknesses. Wonderful.

But what I really, really, really appreciate is the portrayal of strong, supportive, friendly, sexy marriages. Imagine, grown-up relationships played out not as inevitably bitter battlegrounds but as positive, protective partnerships. What a concept.


  1. Maybe that is why the men (that I know) who have seen it loved it too!

  2. K then. It's on my list. I am not a cook. I wish I were. My best guy friend used to make me wonderful birthday dinner every year. (I was employed as a cook over in Eureka and never had a complaint....but I was just following a cookbook) I loved Julia! Joanne

  3. I can't wait to see it. Did you read Julia's autobio.? I loved it, but I can't remember the title.
    It was about her years in France ... what else?


  4. Wonderful film! I saw it in the Bay Area this weekend, and one of the public TV stations down there was televising Julia Child's cooking classes. She was quite a pioneer in many ways...
    Missy McArthur

  5. thanks for that great review; now it is a must on my list. Yes strong honest protective partnerships --enduring--yes, it is quite a concept