Sometimes the Cosmos Talks to You

It has been nine months since I last watched "Boston Legal" because I never know when it's showing or what channel it's ever on. So when I had a sudden notion last night to see if was on, and found it, and it had just barely started, of course I was drawn in for the whole hour.

Didn't remember seeing it before. Laughed out loud many times. At the end, however, when Denny and Alan always chat over cigars and a drink, I realized I had seen the whole thing before, last November.

It sparked an epiphany, which I wrote about here.

This TV show is on five times a week, or about 260 times a year. Both random times I've watched have been the same episode, ending with the outrageous Denny Crane reveling in his own life ("It's FUN being me!" he marvels. "Is it fun being you?") Ask me if I believe in signs.


  1. Update for you.
    Thought you might like this link. You'd never recognize who I am now.
    Hint going through a long drawn-out nasty divorce with a man with the name of a motorcycle.

    Keep up the good work. jg

  2. Funny thing, that Cosmos! A few months after your November blog, I happened upon Boston Legal while flipping channels. Based on your comments about the series, I decided to watch the program. What do you know! It was the very same episode! I've watched BL several times since then and always get a kick out of their closing remarks, but none have been as poignant as that first episode I watched. I'm still trying to find out if it is fun being me.
    Love your blog,
    Cousin Kathy

  3. Love your comments, Kathy. I'm sure it's fun being you -- otherwise, how to explain all that laughing you do? Sounds like music. ~ xol, k.

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