Makes Me Miss the Newsroom

You might be a real journalist -- or just twisted like I am -- if you know why this is funny.

Overheard in the Newsroom #1635:
Editor to reporter: “This story is too dry. Just write it like you told it to me.”
Reporter turns back to his computer and types: “So listen to this shit.”

Much, much more here.


  1. when I read

    Reporter commenting on the largest industry in town: “If you’re the only whore in town, you don’t have to shave your legs.”

    I wondered why it didn't run along side the Herger story...

  2. another great site i never heard of...

  3. My belly-laugh for the week from the site:
    Overheard in the Newsroom#1669: Reporter to no one in particular after filling out a 40-hour timecard for a 60-hour week without overtime: “This is the biggest piece of fiction we never print all week.”


  4. Thanks for sharing the site!