Watch Your Language

The correct spelling is impostor.

It ends with -o-r, not -e-r.

Memory device: It has two o's, like the word look, so look for two o's in impostor. Any other spelling is a fake.


  1. You're too rigid.

    Scrabble dictionary has it -er and -or.

    Mirriam-Webster online has -er as an acceptable variant.

  2. You have a point. I should have said it was the preferred spelling, or my preferred spelling. It has evolved, as has backyard for back yard, also my preferred spelling because it is a parallel construction to front yard. I for one will always spell it impostor. One does what one can. :)

  3. I'm with ya on the yards.

  4. Growing up with a mother who was a grammer authority, I was drilled with the rule that one never ended a sentence with "at". With that handicap, I had to stop myself from suggesting, while hiding a reflexive furrowed brow, that my peer group slaughtered that one. Really, who cared at the time.

  5. While W. Somerset Maugham would have surely been a fan of yours, he might have suggested that based on your last sentence you were, er wr, eh wron, well you know.