Reader Privacy Alert

From one of my favorite watchdogs, the Electronic Frontier Foundation...

With help from a proposed class action settlement, Google is planning
to dramatically expand its Book Search service so that millions of
books will be available for browsing, reading, and purchasing online.
But in designing this new service, Google is leaving reader privacy
behind. Without strong privacy protections, all of your browsing and
reading history may be collected, tracked, and turned over to the
government or third parties without your knowledge or consent.

Email Google CEO Eric Schmidt and demand that Google Book Search
protect your freedom to read privately. You should be able to read
about anything -- from politics to health -- without
worrying that someone is looking over your shoulder. Demand that
Google pledge it will not stockpile information about who you are and
what you read and will not become a one-stop shop for government
fishing expeditions into the reading habits of Americans.

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  1. Wow. What about royalties for the authors? Is it a big lending library?