Another Roadside Transaction

If you're selling corn, tomatoes, cherries, oranges, peaches, melons, zucchinis, plums, cucumbers, asparagus, strawberries, spinach or any other edibles, I will whip off the road faster than you can say "four pounds for a dollar" and buy as much as I can afford from you because whether or not it's true it makes me feel like we're bypassing the corporate monster food superhighway and repairing a short stretch of the backroad to what's real.


  1. Agreed. And dang, that's one heck of a sentence.

  2. "And dang, that's one heck of a sentence." Beautifully said, Kelly.
    Indie musicians, local artists and independent small businesses could all use our love. Craig and I are heading to the local veggie stand this morning - buying goodies and making a political statement.