Traveling Mercies

After care and feeding from the generous Pedrotty-White family in Albuquerque (thank you!), Ariel and Max hit the road again Thursday noon for the last 70 miles to Cuba, N.M., for the Rainbow gathering July 1-7. (Click here for more about the event and here for photo galleries.) Margaret said they got a ride as soon as they popped up their thumbs. There's next to no cell phone service in the wilderness, but we assume they arrived Thursday afternoon.

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Ariel and Max and Sam
(Shoephone photo by Margaret)


  1. I see that that New Mexico is now an independent country and is under the international gatherings. Dang news media; when did that happen? Should I let my friend Debbie De Marais know that when we visit we have to have passports?

  2. If W. Somerset Maughm 'were' to apologize, would you start writing more ofter?

  3. Pierce me with kindness, why don't you? Who is writing, anyway? Give a hint.