Ariel and Max in Utah

Did you know it's illegal to hitchhike in Reno? Yes, yes it is. (Unknown how our young travelers were informed.) Max and Ariel and their friend Lloyd took a Greyhound bus from Reno to I-70 and I-15 ("nowhere"), and will probably take U.S. Highway 89 to Flagstaff, still on their way to the Rainbow Family Gathering in Cuba, N.M. Is there a more direct route? Probably. Is it any of my business? Nope. They sound great.

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  1. Jim In Ventura Says:

    Yep, that's about as direct a route to Flagstaff as you can get. If I were still in my hitchin' mode (like 40 years ago), I would have had the Greyhound take me to Richfield, UT - better chance to score a ride down south on US89, at least to Kanab. 70 & 15 (as well as 70 & 89) are DEFINITELY NO-WHEREsville. And don't get stuck in Panguitch, UT, it took forever in 1969 to get out of that burg when I was hitchin' through there. I know this road very well. 41 years ago (Aug 68) with 1 same age teen friend and an adult, we took a bicycle trip on US89 from Kanab north to Salt Lake City and back down to Kanab. I spent the following summer hitchin' all over Nevada & Utah (at 16 yrs of age). Had a blast. Back then it was legal to hitchhike in Reno or Sparks......

  2. Does Max carry around a notepad like his dad does? Enjoy, observe and write! Joanne