Tough Guys

Young men knock around on a street corner in Chico, their faces accented by wispy tufts, hairnets webbing away from foreheads, muscle shirts, sinewy arms, cigarettes behind their ears. It's ese this and vato that, goofing, punching, strutting, mocking and that chin thing. Chuffed. I walk through them on my way down the block, inhaling the scent of fresh hair oil, deodorant soap and their mothers' fabric softener.


  1. Simon, carnalita. Beautiful, poetic, reminiscent of my childhood.

    A vato nod to Gwendolyn Brooks' "We Real Cool?"

  2. I must tell you what a fantastic graf that is. Save it. Use it. Poetry.

  3. Hot, Madam K. Wish I'd wrote it. Where can I get me one a them hairnets?