Why I Blog

It's easy to assume bloggers are megalomaniacs or exhibitionists who love laying out their every thought as if it were a golden treasure.

But for me it's simply a way to keep in touch with family and friends in this increasingly scattered, accelerated environment. So many people I care about, so far apart, so little time.

You are my focus. It pleases me to keep a conversation going that's available whenever it's convenient for you to be here. And it's a way for a shy person who's usually a listener to share more of myself with you than we usually have time for otherwise.

This is where I live, and this is my kitchen table, where I write my letters home.


  1. And I'm grateful you do so.

  2. So, I've got my cup of coffee. You get yours, and we'll have a short chat at your kitchen table. It's 16 degrees cold here today, but at least the infernal wind isn't blowing yet. Everything that bloomed or even thought about blooming has been frozen back, so we'll start spring all over again after Easter.

    I, too, am glad you blog. You've managed to drag me in to the blogging, facebooking world along with you, at least part way in. I regularly blog something and fail somewhere along the line to get it properly sent. Guess I need remedial lessons. All of which once again proves my firm conviction that I've learned more from my children than they ever learned from me.

    The day's chores are calling. Enjoyed the cup.
    Love ya,

  3. Good morning, Mom. 16 degrees! That is not enough degrees. Sorry to hear about the optimistic spring blossoms getting a cool shock. Maybe they'll come back stronger. ... You're a cheerful technology adapter, always game to try something new. It's not how most people feel. ... Thanks for dropping in. I love seeing you here. Hope you get many more degrees soon. ~ xol

  4. The reasons you blog are exactly the reasons why I read it. I have enjoyed uncountable laughs and thoughtful moments. Please keep applying the glue that holds us together.

    Love always,
    Cousin Kathy

    P/S I know Hal has taught me this several times over, so the following definitions (from my Mac Dictionary) come to mind every time I sign my name the way I just did.

    first cousin once removed - a child of one's first cousin. 2 one's parent's first cousin.

    first cousin twice removed - 1 a grandchild of one's first cousin. 2 one's grandparent's first cousin.

    second cousin - a child of one's parent's first cousin.

    second cousin once removed - 1 a child of one's second cousin. 2 one's parent's second cousin.

    third cousin - a child of one's parent's second cousin.

    Okay - Got that?

  5. I'm not sure I'll ever get it, but thanks for the reminder. I'll keep trying. And thanks for reading!