Hope Springs Eternal in the Garden

Remember this?
Can this be a garden?

Now it looks a little different. I've planted basil, oregano, dill, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, cilantro, onions, chiles, big tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, ruby lettuce, shallots, yellow squash, armenian cucumber, ambassador squash, watermelon, charentais (French cantaloupe), pole beans, bell peppers, sweet peas, asparagus, arugula, broccoli, strawberries, blackberries, cherry seeds and an avocado tree I started three years ago from a seed.

Is that too much? I never know when to stop. All those plants need more sun, though. They have shady afternoons. Please cross your fingers for me, and all advice and suggestions are welcome. Periodic updates tk.


  1. Looks like you answered that with a "YES - you better believe it!!"
    Well done.
    My garden is still in the "Imaginary" stage.

  2. Giardinella, The containers are gorgeous and so cheerful and perky that I think your garden's a success even if you never raise a bean.
    your rootingbaga, C

  3. Sweet container garden -- keep an eye on those small pots in the summer. I for one don't have the discipline to keep them watered.

  4. Looks Great ! Where do you get all the energy ?


  5. I didn't expect containers. We are forced to use containers, and the reflected sun just fries them. So I think that your shaded afternoons is a hit.