The Most Shocking Thing They Said

Borrowing an idea from the very funny Jessica Bern over at BernThis (check her out in my PEEPS bloglist at right):

What's the most shocking thing anyone has ever said TO you, ABOUT you?

I'll go first: My high school cheerleader sponsor pulled me aside after a pep rally to hiss: "Your NIPPLES are showing through your BRA for EVERYONE to see. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."


  1. I personally would have responded: Everyone? You mean, like your husband, everyone.

  2. BernThis, I so wish I had known you in high school. Thanks.

  3. I really wanted to contribute to this - but I've wracked my brains and come up with nothing that qualifies as shocking.

    Whatever shocking/nasty things people must have said about me, they said them behind my back.

    So: Speak up, people, we need blog fodder!

  4. Um... I think it was at a nude beach when I was asked to please put my clothes back on since I was attracting sea gulls.

  5. These things are shocking in the sense that I previously had never seen myself in this light.
    It was shocking the first time someone said:"You're intense."
    It was their response to my general frustration about why my interactions with people were sometimes er, strange.
    The person who told me that was a good friend, kind, and had my best interest at heart.
    I figured it must be my moon in Scorpio.
    Second most shocking but pleasant thing: A co-worker at the Spaghetti Factory in Seattle, someone I didn't really know well, told me I seemed like the kind of person that would invent something.