Gardening Like Mad

Spring fever has me by the throat. I want to move everything in the yard around. Yesterday I started in the back with unsuccessful and struggling flowers. Why torture them in those locations anymore? (I can torture them in new locations.) Three new Siskiyou Pink gauras went into the back berm at the top, so they can cascade down. I moved a maidenhair fern outside my kitchen window - it threatened to block out the sun. Now it lives by the pool rocks. I put a snowflake hydrangea in its place, but on second thought, I believe it'll fry in the afternoon sun. Probably I'll move it to the front of the house for morning sun. That leaves a hole for something ... what? Can't let it go to waste. It was a pain to dig in the first place. And yesterday I was wondering where to put a veggie garden when I snapped to the fact that all along the side yard is a raised bed two feet wide and 50 feet long filled with ... gravel. Wow. The structure is already in place, and always has been. I better get a move on.


  1. Great plans. What are you going to do with the gravel? Ten cubic yards of gravel is a lot.

  2. That gravel would have to be 2.5 feet deep to be 10 CY. Surely it's no more than 6" which would be about 2CY. Still alot to move but not impossible. (No I won't be right over :>)

  3. I say raise the bed even higher with dirt and mulch and plant on top of the gravel - it'll provide great drainage and you'll save, not break, your back now and in the future with less bending. Too easy? Too late?

  4. Great idea, La Louise. It's not too late. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

    Bruce and Larry, see what you think from the picture tomorrow. I think the gravel is only 6-8 inches deep. Under that is god knows what. We'll find out.