Yoga, Did You Wait for Me?

All right. I've had it. The stabbing pain in my upper back, neck and collarbones has got to go. It has been months.

I tried massage therapy with the most terrific therapist, Greg Reimann. Every time, I felt great for a while. But by the next day, same old pain in the neck.

I had an X-ray. Nothing to see here. Move along.

I tried physical therapy, on doctor's orders. Also great: heat packs, ultrasounds, accupressure, ergonomics lessons. Lots of professional TLC, and this place (Cresswell) was filled with smart women. I could have done that for a long time, because it felt so good for hours after. But my high-deductible insurance policy covers none of it, of course, so at $170 a pop, it couldn't go on forever. Also, no lasting effect. Yes, I did the exercises.

I changed my desk, keyboard, mouse, screen. Nada por nada.

Now I'll do what I should have done in the first place: return to yoga. Not just the bits I do at home, but regular, sustained studio time with my cherished instructor, Nancy Sutton-Pierce. If she and yoga can't heal me, nobody can.


  1. Yoga will help. Downside ironically is as you become more aware of every muscle in your body the tendency is to work on and over stress those areas beyond your edge. My yogi says beginners when asked have no physical problems. Advanced students can present a list. Mine list gets longer so I go more. Go figure.

  2. Surely someone out there has experienced inexplicable pain like yours in the back/neck/collar bone areas. I'm hoping yes, that yoga will help, but also that people will weigh in with their stories and solutions. Feel better soon. :) xod

  3. Yes, Nancy Sutton is great. She has a wellness class on Tues? afternoons. That has really helped me relax some of my twinges. Also, core building which you will get with yoga.

  4. I'm a believer - yoga does seem to hold the answer to a whole lot of what goes on as these aging bodies mess with us.

    Hope you Feel better soon - it's definitely worth the effort.

  5. yoga definitely! everyday exercise at home; also--thai massage and a yoga massage that stretches all the muscles; core building--last but not least--a pain clinic. must comment on your mother's beautiful handiwork on that quilt-for a little person it is a large quilt; she must have made it to fit the tall people in your house also!! the work is beautiful--what a treasured gift.

  6. I was once in a yoga class and he asked each one of us what injuries we had. My side (6 of us) each had a list

    The other side (5) all under 40, said the same thing

    "I'm fine. No complaints'.