How to Fix Your Christmas Tree Mini-Lights
- Even Prelit Trees

The scene: Gorgeous white artificial Christmas tree, prelit, easy to put up, easy to take down. It cost $300 four years ago. (Hey, it has almost paid for itself. Don't bust my chops.)

The problem: Long stretch of prelit light strand near the top had winked out, leaving an unlit section like a missing tooth. Must fix or throw out whole tree and start over.

The solution: LightKeeper Pro. It's a $24 ray gun that safely zaps the electrical circuit back to life.

Dude, it flat works. Took five minutes, including opening the confounded blisterpack. Can be found at Walgreens, Ace Hardware, etc.

Boy, do I love gadgets and fixing things myself. Call me. We'll fix yours too.


  1. Magic! Never heard of such a thing. :)

  2. Amazing...Wait to come over while I visit the Recycling Center to dig out some strands I dumped last pickup day. Yeah, I know they (COR) don't like anything that is difficult, but my theory is "If it has any recycle symbols or is plastic, it darn well should go in the blue bin," despite their policies. I visited the Abernathy Lane facility some years ago, and was amazed at how few recyclables they actually accepted.

  3. I don't know. You like fixing things AND yoga. Pretty cool.

  4. Can it make my nose stop blinking red?