How to Find Homes for Critters

Want to get rid of adopt out puppies, kittens, turtlettes? Make up a big FREE TO GOOD HOME sign and set up shop outside a thrift store or secondhand shop or giant rummage sale. We discount shoppers cannot resist you. We will not pass you by. You'll be home by lunch. We are thrifty, soft-hearted, and powerless in the face of the free.


  1. I narrowly escaped this time, but only because I was on full alert from a distance. I hightailed it out the back door. Otherwise I'd have like 35 puppies right this minute.

  2. Most people who want to "get rid of" unwanted animals probably don't visit your website. The real message they need to get is that they need to spay and neuter their breeding dogs and cats (etc). To those parents out there who want their children to experience the miracle of birth, don't forget....when you take the puppies and kitties that you weren't able to adopt out to the pound, remember to take your children back with you a few days later to witness the tragedy of their euthanizing. To do anything less is to lie to your children!