Year-end Travel, and Coming Home

My husband says I have to post travel photos so he can link to them. Guess who doesn't know how to post photos? But it was a lovely research trip we took to California's central coast, right before Christmas. So here are a few pics.

We saw the beyond-belief Hearst Castle, situated at the top of a mountain high above San Simeon and with views of miles of gorgeous coastline.

Its outdoor pool...

Its dining room...

Its indoor pool (1-inch tiles, some gold, cover every surface)...

And its gardens...

We also saw parts of San Luis Obispo, its area wineries, its library, and so on.

Pismo Beach is lovely and serene. We visited the Monarch butterfly eucalyptus grove next door at Grover Beach. It's amazing. You have to see it to believe it. Here's one tiny branch:

We hiked, drove, ate good seafood, and drank good wine. Margaret and Lisa arranged for a special gift package to be delivered to our door -- award-winning Midnight Cellars wines, complete with winelight, pretty bottle stopper, corkscrew and two wine glasses. Beautiful. And tasty! (Thanks, you two.)

Plus, we had our San Simeon and Morro Bay wines for the trip, given to us as a bon voyage present by Doni and Bruce and tucked into a pink neoprene BYO Bag to keep everything at the right temp. (Thanks to you two, too.)

Every day at sunset, we'd make a point to be on the balcony for the view.

It was just the right intro to a very Merry Christmas back at home, featuring moments like these...

We made so much dressing we mixed it in a washtub.

My mother would like you to know that's my father's heaping plate, not hers.

See Seth's favorite Deadhead t-shirt? I accidentally turned it pink in the wash the night before. Bleach didn't fix it. Santa had to bring me RIT Color Remover to correct the problem. I stayed up very late to make that little surprise go away. Worked like a charm. I only told Seth afterward.

Dreads make Santa hat look like festive witch hat.

You funny!

You funny, too.


  1. laronda39@yahoo.comDecember 31, 2008 at 9:20 AM


  2. OMG Seth and Max are men!

  3. Yea! The clan gathering is sweet. The boys won't be around too much longer.
    Did you get a chance to hit the Farmer's Market in SLO? It's a model of how they should be.
    What inn did you stay at in Pismo?
    And finally...A native Californio and an alum of CalPoly, I finally visited the castle this summer (ran out of battery before the indoor pool).

  4. Great photos! Geat holiday! Welcome home.

  5. Thanks for the updated cutlines. I've never, ever, seen mom appear daunted by dressing before.