Where Shoulder Blades Belong

They belong on your upper back, silly, what did you think?

Seriously, though, in recent physical therapy for a mystery back/neck/collarbone ache, I learned a useful way to align and maintain correct posture and back health.

Shoulder blades want to be down and back. Imagine always aiming them toward your opposite back pockets.


  1. What a great tip! Having long struggled with holding lots of tension in that area, I really appreciate this.

  2. Oh, Louise, I know you're right. Feels like a down dog might kill me right now, but it's probably just the ticket. Thank you.

  3. I have always had trouble with tension and I raise my 'blades. I just tried lowering them, and while it feels weird, it seems to work. I will check with my Feldenkrais PT for an in depth explanation. We spend so much time getting my right leg to "let go" that I know he/she are tired of playing with it and will look forward to the distraction.