That Perigee Moon!

Friday's full moon is a perigee (pear-a-jee) moon and will appear over 10 percent larger and 20 percent brighter than a normal full moon. This is because the moon's orbit is not perfectly circular but elliptical.

Apogee is the furthest the moon gets from the Earth and perigee is the closest it will get, making for the best full moon observations.

Astronomers have formulas for computing the exact distance at any point in time, but the average distance from Earth is 237,700 miles (382,500 km).

The apogee and perigee of the moon have a definite effect on the weather and tides here on Earth. When the moon is at apogee, the furthest distance from the Earth, it has less gravitational pull. Weather conditions can be more stable and the tides more predictable. When the moon is at perigee, closer to the Earth, there is much more gravitational pull and it can whip up the tides and cause weather to become more unstable.

Hat tip to and my friend Rob Payton... thanks.


  1. Oooooh, I love these tidbits. Linking this specific post on my blog ASAP.
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  2. Yes, Kelly, Rob, et al.... We'll all be out "under the same moon" tonight checking out this phenomenon.

  3. i totally used this info in conversation tonight.

  4. That's amazing. I thought it looked much bigger to the point where, only b/c I live in HOllywood, I thought it was fake. Yes, fake. I know, it sounds nuts but I've been here 11 years, what else could you expect besides, In this town they can mimic anything, or so I thought. Thanks for that info, it was amazing to look at.