'New Mexico, Land of Windchantment'

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New Mexico, nicknamed the Land of Enchantment, is rapidly becoming the "Land of Windchantment." There is a veritable wind land rush taking place in the state, with a plethora of wind developers signing wind power leases with ranchers across the central and eastern plains.

Some New Mexico landowners have grouped together for a stronger negotiating position with wind developers, an example being the Corona Landowners Association (South and North groups), which hold together hundreds of thousands of acres. Most New Mexicans realize the importance of developing clean renewable energy resources and the need for energy independence.

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  1. High Lonesome now has 40 wind towers on Willard Mesa. The blades aren't on yet, but towers are up. Additionally, a feeder line to the the transmission line is in the process of being built. Progress, progress, progress.... It's a good thing.

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