Your dollars, her delight

What generous people you are. You've donated $237 so far to Chic and Bob Miller's animal sanctuary in far northern California. I'd say you lot are even more tenderhearted than you let on.

Chic didn't know we were doing this. She was overwhelmed last night when we told her about it and handed over the money you've donated to her Bella Vista Farms -- speechless, really, and if you've ever met her, you know that's saying something.

Feeding and caring for 600 abandoned animals by themselves, Chic, 60, and Bob, 70, know how to make a dollar go a long way. She couldn't believe your generosity either.

"How will I thank them??" she squeaked. "I don't have a computer." We told her we'd pass her words along, and what would she like to say? "THANK YOU. It all goes to spay, neuter and feed the animals. Every penny. Spay, neuter and feed. THANK YOU. THANK YOU."

I thank you, too. Below are some pictures from last night. It got dark quickly, or there would be more. Over at Food for Thought: A News Cafe, Doni and I will be creating something special soon for the animal sanctuary. It will have many more pictures.

In the meantime, every dollar you Click to Give (in the right margin on Pink Hollyhock) will continue to go to support the Millers' efforts. Click the box to see the running total and read more about the sanctuary before you decide whether to chip in. Bless you, and Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Who's the animal with the dreadlocks?

  2. Bob and Chic Miller are the hardest working, most dedicated and caring people I have ever met. If anyone who loves animals wants to donate to a true rescue and critter sanctuary, please choose Bella Vista Farms.

  3. Where is the box? I can't find it. Of course I'll click. I'll click as many times as you want me to. Am I this dumb? Help me out here.

  4. Someone looks a nip away from one less dread!
    Good on all y'all and especially the Millers.