Who gave cash to Prop 8? Your friends and neighbors

I voted no on Prop 8, I encouraged others to vote no, and I'm proud of Doni for keeping this conversation open in my community.

Public records on campaign contributions allow everyone to see the names of businesses and individuals who contributed money for or against Prop 8 in your city or zip code. Click here to view the website. Type in where you want to search. When you get the list, click on "details" to see more on each.

We can still vote by putting our money where our mouths are. It's perfectly legal to practice a silent boycott.


  1. Thanks,
    Interesting how the same names keep popping up.
    Sadly, there were seven pages of Supporters and only 1 page of those Opposed.

  2. Very interesting, indeed. I just forwarded the link to most everyone I know, including my son, the Planned Parenthood volunteer who was tirelessly campaigning against 8 and 4.

  3. Hmm, for some reason my name is not appearing on the database, though I donated money to oppose the passage of Prop 8. I checked using my name and also my zip code. So I suppose it's possible that others' names didn't make it on there, either.

    Let's hope this mean-spirited proposition is found to be the unconstitutional piece of discrimination that it is.

  4. Kelly,
    I'm glad you use the word "silent." Everyone has a right to spend his or her hard-earned dollars on companies and services that share their values; in fact, I do it myself. Unfortunately, not all the actions against Prop. 8 supporters have been "silent". When you start seeing artistic directors forced out of their jobs, old ladies harassed on their way to church, small businesspeople getting calls from people threatening to put them out of business, etc., you start getting into Gestapo tactics that certainly don't bode well for the future of freedom of expression or association in this country.

    I can remember not too long ago a lot of civil libertarians voiced (sometimes justifiable) concern or outrage over tactics used by the Bush administration and others on the right to stifle debate. I wonder where those civil libertarians are now.

  5. This list is alarming to me. I don’t want anyone, except for trusted friends, to know how I vote or what contributions I make to any campaign, and I certainly wouldn’t want my address on the internet because of such a contribution. Redding is an area where you can be verbally assaulted just because of a bumper sticker. When I saw a map in the RS showing how people in different communities of Redding voted this last election, I joked to my brother that there is probably a site on the internet like the Megan’s Law site where, instead of finding the addresses of sex offenders, you can find the addresses of liberals! jls