Twitter me this, Batman

I must confess. I don't know how to Twitter. Or how to tweet, I guess, is the correct vernacular. Oh, I have a Twitter account and I'm signed up to follow some people but then like a dork I forgot to remember to learn how. Am I hopelessly behind? Is it too late? Has Twitter already gone the way of the buggy whip? Can someone teach me?


  1. Ha ha, I was thinking that I was on top of the game when I was reading Ryan's coverage of the convention in Colorado and he mentioned Twittering, and I actually had heard of it. Silly me...Hearing is nowhere near doing.

  2. I'm a tweet - I twitter constantly. If you're signed up, choose folks you want to follow (I'm kyoodle). Watch what they're tweeting. It's addictive. Follow the public timeline, or type in a search term. Election 2008 was great!

  3. Twittering is tough if you have a job, or any responsiblities beyond Twittering.