Such a happy birthday

It's fun being me on my birthday, too. I was treated to coffee in bed, a gift certificate from my parents, phone calls, ecards, paper cards, girly-girl cosmetics from Margaret, an MP3 download from Doni and Bruce singing "Happy Birthday," my favorite quote on our website, and, OMG, sons Max and Seth learned and played (Max on rhythm guitar and Seth on bass) and sang "Let It Be," one of my very favorite songs, just for me. Tonight Steve and D&B and I are going out for dinner. I am blessed beyond measure. My mother (70 and going strong ~ hi, Mom!) assures me it just keeps getting better.


  1. Happy Birthday, Kelly! Enjoy all of every day. Life is too short sometimes to not take advantage of each day! ;o)

    God Bless. Ginny

  2. Happy Birthday, Kelly!
    Yay for your boys -- what a lovely, thoughtful gift.

    Enjoy the evening out and here's wishing that the next year will be even more fulfilling and thrilling for you. Keep having fun and keep us posted!

  3. Your Humble 'ToonistNovember 9, 2008 at 9:02 PM

    Regards on your natal anniversary! That's Swahili for Feliz Birthadad.

  4. wow, happy birthday.
    Let It Be for all the Imagine-ation if you Give Peace a Chance
    Peace out, dude-ette