Here's a way to do good, feel good

See the box directly to the right (on Pink Hollyhock), where it says "Click to Give"? That's where you can donate $$ to a couple of generous souls who do nothing but rescue animals.

I'm going to see them Thursday night. I will take them every penny of cash money that you donate to help them. It's not easy caring for, feeding and medicating 600 of God's little creatures. But they do it. We can help.

Click on the box for more info, then decide. We're up to $107. They have no idea we're doing this. That's a lot of money to them. Every dollar we contribute means more to them than to us. This is a worthwhile cause, and I hope you leave your name so I can personally thank you. (We're up to $150 at last count... If you click on the box you can see the total and a whole lot more information before you decide whether to give.)

I'll take pictures while we're there, so you can see more. Thanks to those who have generously contributed to this cause, and thanks to you who are still considering it. You do the work of angels.

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