I need a new phone company, stat

Boy, am I sick to death of watching my AT&T cell phone bill climb 30 percent a month despite no difference in usage. This must stop. I need advice for the best way go about bundling satellite tv, internet, land line and cell phones.


  1. Kelly,
    We switched to Charter about a year ago under a bundling deal that got us phone service for $20 a month. We've been extremely happy with our Charter Internet service and find it convenient to have their unlimited long distance package. Promotional deals expire and prices go up, but I personally find there are two advantages to using the cable company versus the phone company: 1) The cable company has a local office, so when push comes to shove, you can go down there and talk to a live person about whatever your issue is; and 2) whether or not you end up saving much money by switching, it's nice to have the flat fee instead of being nickled and dimed to death.

  2. Consumer Reports issued a study in February 2008 regarding Who's Who in bundling TV/Phone/Intenet. It's on

    In case you don't subscribe to Consumer's On-line:

    Verizon FiOS (fiber) was first with scores of (scale 0-100 surveyed consumer satisfaction) Internet: 84; TV: 84 and Phone: 82.

    AT&T/Dish were 6th: Internet 72; TV: 70; Phone: 74

    Dead last was Charter:
    Internet 61; TV: 59; Phone: 68.

    If you want nuts and bolts information, the Consumers article is worthwhile.