Holiday hams and cut-ups

Just got back from Thanksgiving in Arkansas.

My sister-in-law, Jan, sets a beautiful table.
This year we dined in her outdoor courtyard.

That's Steve's only brother, David. He's married to Jan. Lucky.

My scruffy hippie boys, Seth and Max.
Aunt Jan's in the middle.

That's Steve's mom. Hi, Bobbie.

There's David and Steve, and their dad. Hi, Pete.


Triple threat.

Double trouble.

Three stooges? Someone didn't get the spectacular stripes memo.

<--- Loves to cook. ......... Loves to eat.--->

David's got guns. ... Steady, tiger.

Steve says you can go home again
-- if you have a sense of humor.

The traditional Thanksgiving afternoon cat nap.
Wait. That's a7-ounce dog.
Which one left a flea on the couch?


  1. Hey, thanks for the great photo gallery! Wonderful pix. Steve, what a terrific smile your mom has! And Aunt Jan, what a cutie! You're looking beautiful as always, Kelly. Great-looking family, looks like lots of warmth and affection and fun.

    I do believe my favorite shot is the last one, though. That dog is stylin! And gravity-defying, it would appear!

  2. Welcome back. Looks (and reads) like you had a great time. But hey, Steve almost looks embarrassed.
    And to eat Thanksgiving dinner outdoors in Arkansas...Can anybody say "Global Warming?"

  3. Looks like a nice place.

    (Hey Life -- isn't Arkansas in the Sun Belt?)