What do you mean, what have I been doing with myself these days?

I'm a writer. If you love me, you read me. Simple as that.

  • A Death in Custody, Part 3: 2+ years in a county jail
  • City finds extra cash in storm drain audits
  • Travel advisory re credit cards
  • Redding City Council candidates answer Question 6
  • A Death in Custody, Part 2: Trial and tribulation
  • New Redding Electric Utility Director: Paul Hauser
  • A Death in Custody, Part 1: Where did it go wrong?
  • Updated: City of Redding personnel boss is on her way out
  • Question 6 for Redding City Council candidates
  • Redding City Council candidates answer Question 5
  • Question 5 for Redding City Council candidates
  • Vice-presidential debate Thursday, Oct. 2
  • Franklin Cibula was holding gun that killed him
  • Redding City Council candidates answer Question 4
  • ‘Do You Care About the Future of Redding?’
  • Then there were 10…
  • Question 4 for Redding City Council candidates
  • Art masks are bigger than life
  • Redding to REU union: Knock it off, knuckleheads
  • Redding City Council candidates answer Question 3
  • Hidden Shasta — Law Library
  • Question 3 for Redding City Council candidates
  • REU employees union files charge against city of Redding
  • Redding council hopefuls answer Question 2
  • Franklin Cibula shot dead
  • Question 2 for council candidates
  • Candidate McArthur asks equal radio time: UPDATE
  • Who’s zooming who about REU?
  • New Sacramento city-county money-sharing deal
  • Redding council hopefuls answer Question 1
  • Council candidates: 9 Fridays, 9 questions
  • More details to come on Redding Electric Utility?
  • Old Shasta neighbors celebrate, thank firefighters
  • Venture Island picks 20 local contestants
  • Philbert Fountain for president? Why not?
  • For Elyse boutique opens downtown
  • Who is Ken Murray’s campaign manager?
  • City, county to state: ‘Stop, thief!’
  • Police HQ: Council leans 3-2 to build new
  • City Council to open talks tonight on police building
  • Police-building talk to be open?
  • City Hall investigates REU; report sealed
  • City Council: Pipe up, why not?
  • Redding Mervyn’s not closing
  • Police-HQ questions that make you go hmm…
  • Cloth napkins needed for school lunches in new pilot project
  • More details emerge in Apt. 35 homicide-suicide
  • 4 charities to get leftover Rutledge campaign cash
  • Accidental fire-starter Matt Rupp out of prison, furious
  • 8 file for Redding City Council race
  • Score one for Staci Bertagna
  • Shasta County’s best-kept business secret
  • Oregon firefighting company a national leader
  • And the latest hopeful for Redding City Council is…
  • Apt. 35 shooting was murder-suicide
  • Redding employees turned trash into trea$ure, 60-page report says, by Kelly Brewer
  • Another resignation from city waste division, by Kelly Brewer
  • When the party of the first part marries the party of the second part, do the parts matter?
  • Independent journalists — at your service
  • Marijuana proposal makes sense
  • City workers as freegans — why not?
  • Emmerson ties knot
  • Redding asks for water conservation, runs fountains 15 hours a day
  • Igo countryside, Photo by Kelly Brewer
  • First-time precinct clerk learns a thing or two, By Kelly Brewer

    1. I'd love it if you, Steve and Doni would stop over to Three Word Wednesday and try some short fiction, creative non-fiction or poetry. That would be cool.

    2. Dang, girl... you HAVE been busy! Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained!

    3. You really must make an effort to accomplish more. This life of leisure and bon-bon munching is making you soft ;)
      Have a great weekend. Miss ya.
      XO - Jas.

    4. That's it? ;-)

      You're my journalistic superhero.