Travel advisory re credit cards

Our friend and contributor over at Food for Thought: A News Cafe tells about how the current banking crisis hit home in a weird way:

"My daughter Catie missed a plane from France to Spain, so she needed to get a ticket on another airline. The airline would not accept a Visa from Bank of America or a MasterCard from Chase. Both accounts are current and nowhere near their limits. The airline told Catie that their claims were not getting processed by the banks, so they would not accept them. They did accept American Express. Pretty scary." -- Dugan


  1. Before our trip to the Netherlands this spring, I read about similar practices in Amsterdam, spurred by complaints from business owners (especially hotels) that American credit cards would not be accepted because the banks were not handling the accounts properly/timely. I did not personally encounter any problems using my debit/credit cards, but apparently this is becoming more common (perhaps not widespread, but if it's YOU it happens to, it would certainly be the kiss of death to the trip).