Tapped by the Halloween Ghost

I didn't even know about the Halloween Ghost. But it has visited me anyway and left a giant bag of treats and toys on my doorstep.

There was a note: "You have been visited by the Halloween Ghost! In the next 3 days you must pass the ghost onto 3 of your friends or neighbors! Make 3 copies of this ghost and include it with the Halloween surprise you pass onto them. Put this ghost in your window or on your door so you will not be visited by the Halloween Ghost again. BOO! Happy Halloween!"

Chain gifting, I love it. It made me laugh out loud, this unexpected bright spot in the midst of that other unsolicited visitation -- the gunpoint gang rape by Wall Street, banking giants, corporate pirates and Politics of Poison.

What do you know -- kindness and whimsy live yet in some hearts. The worst this cynic can think about it is that the Halloween Ghost and the Tooth Fairy work in cahoots with my dentist.

Anyway, thank you, my Halloween Ghost, and the chain will be unbroken. I'm a believer. We need all the bright moments we can create.

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