How much is that doggie in the x-ray?

Just the other day Margaret and I agreed that we dearly love our dogs, but they are aging, and when it comes down to it, we would never spend crazy money on dog surgeries and whatnot.

Big talker, me.

Remember I said a while ago that I was worried about Elvis? He wouldn't eat much and was getting skinny. I changed his food a time or two, and he seemed to get better, but went off it again. In 10 years, he's never been a picky eater. Was he just getting old? Arthritic? Tired? Depressed? Wurra, wurra, fuss, fuss.

Finally, this week I took him back to the vet. Good grief. His lungs were soup. They removed two liters of fluid clogging the chest cavity and abdomen, took x-rays, then kept him overnight to take x-rays again the next day to judge how fast they were refilling. They did blood work, which came back normal. No parasites. Heart's clear. They sent the pictures to a specialist to figure out what the masses and shadows are. We're waiting to hear. Could be pleurisy, they said, or a collapsed lung, or a twisted lung lobe, which would require surgery and removal.

We're up to a dozen x-rays and radiographs, two ultrasounds and an EKG. We just keep handing them the credit card. I don't even blink. Cost: $1,500, SO FAR.


  1. Oh, no, so sorry about Elvis! He's such a sweetie. I hope you find out what is ailing him, and without too much additional expense. Best wishes to him and to you.

  2. I'm so sorry about Elvis. I hope you're able to make him feel better.

    And as far as the expense goes... what price unconditional love?

    Just imagine for a moment what the cost would be if the same tests and treatment were on a human. Veterinary costs are really quite reasonable.

  3. I know how you feel. My brother and his wife have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on drugs and other treatments to stop their dog's seizures. They have to administer opium or some such thing to the dog anally twice a day. I know at times they've had to take turns sleeping on the couch next to the dog in case he started having an attack, so they could give him a shot. It isn't easy parting with a pet.

  4. Keep on giving the vet your credit card. It's the best money you will ever spend.

    I paid $3K to have my basset's busted back repaired last year, then I spent the summer carrying him around while he recovered. When I come home at night and he runs out to me on all four legs, wagging his tail and singing his woo-woo hound dog music, I know the price of his recovery was a pittance.

  5. Try a week in emergency while all attempt to figure out what's ailin'. Once they removed the fishnet that had made it to my boxer's bowel lacerating it in five places, she got well. Over $6k. I wanted her to get better so I could kill her for eating it in the first place. I tell her every time I rub that scar on her tummy.

  6. Thanks, you guys. You make me feel better. Elvis is spending a few days with the vet, getting TLC, prednisone and lots more see-through pictures. What the heck. That's what credit cards are for...