Flowers for the sheriff

My friend Margaret wants to know how we can send flowers to this outraged sheriff who refuses to evict renters from foreclosed buildings. Bankers are threatening to have him held in contempt. He's all, BRING IT. So here are flowers for Sheriff Thomas J. Dart, and long may he hold office.


  1. Add my posey for him and his possee.

  2. I can understand how this sheriff feels. But if he doesn't enforce the eviction orders, isn't he just making a bad economy worse? A foreclosure, after all, leads to a sale of the home to new owners, who could turn it around and sell it at a profit as the market improves. Pretty soon, this has an impact on the overall economy.

    Nobody wants to reward greed, but let's face it -- we all have a stake in seeing money change hands. And since housing is such a key to everything, we all have a stake in seeing it recover. Don't we?

  3. If another investor wants to buy these foreclosures (not to live in but to turn around for a quick buck) it would be so much more convenient if there were already rent paying occupants in the homes. It’s really too bad that housing is a necessity. If only the buying and selling of widgets held the same potential for enormous gains. Maybe more people afford to buy a house in which to LIVE. Joanne Lobeski Snyder