Chic Miller, animal rescue hero

The donations box to the right is one of my new do-gooder projects. That's right, I'm a do-gooder. Where I live, them's fightin' words. So sue me.

Here's a place where people can do good for as little as $1. If 1,000 friends gave $5 apiece to the good cause below, they'd feel like a million bucks each. Where else do you get that kind of ROI? That's one stop at Starbucks. It's a lottery ticket. It's a loaf of bread. Believe me, five one-dollar bills mean a lot more to Chic Miller than it does to Starbucks.

Read all about this 60-year-old dynamo who cares for 600 -- yes, 600 -- abandoned animals. She and her husband do it by themselves in the California countryside. You're going to love them.

The following article was the nomination letter for the annual Shasta Red Cross local heroes awards in mid-September. Chic won one of the six top awards. Read all about the worthwhile enterprise they call Bella Vista Farms.

Chic Miller, animal rescue hero, by Doni Greenberg

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  1. Thanks for explaining that, Kelly - a good cause - easy to help. The world needs more do-gooders.