Fact-check, please!

The last 60 days before the elections will be thick with lies. Sly lies, stealthy lies, outright lies, over-and-over lies, whispered lies, shouted lies, bat-their-eyelashes lies, snotty lies, lie-to-your-face lies. "Oh, it's just politics, doesn't mean anything." HORSE HOCKEY. It means everything.

Washington Post Fact-Check

Who are you going to believe -- their lies or your own eyes?


  1. Thanks for posting these links, Kelly.

    While I love the speed and immediacy of Internet news and communication, I worry about the future of our short-attention-span culture. Rumors morph into news and then into history in a blink. "Next, please!"

    A variety of reliable sources are to be treasured in this new world, where everything, it seems, can be manipulated.

  2. Kelly, those sites are great. I keep the my e-mail door open to many types of people and I imagine I'll be using these sites as a resource for information about some of the outrageous "information" that comes my way. Thank you so much!
    Joanne Lobeski Snyder

  3. Thanks Kelly. It is coming thick and fast.