Veep pick Sarah Palin is a big, fat liar?

"Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig Palin. Her daughter is the mother. ... Sarah, I'm calling you a liar. And not even a good one. Trig Paxson Van Palin is not your son. He is your grandson. The sooner you come forward with this revelation to the public, the better."

That's the buzz, and it's hard to ignore. My head wants to explode. See story and photos at Daily Kos.

Palin daughter five months pregnant now, McCain campaign announces.
Meaning the "Not the Mama!" accusation is false because Trig Palin was born in April. No way he could belong to the teenager. Nobody would deceive somebody by fudging a conception date. I don't want to be such a cynic, but come on.


  1. I simply cannot believe you actually went there with this. I'd erase it before your "inability to ignore it" proves embarassing.

  2. Hi Kelly, I read that last night as well and got completely sucked in. I'm not sure if it is true, but it sure is mind blowing if it is. Is there anything on about it?

    Also, is there any chance you meant to say Sarah Palin is a Big Phat Liar? She's actually not that fat, but I think she might be phat ;-)

    P.S. Wow, Ron, have you ever heard of something called the "chill pill?" Like Dude, chill out.

  3. Oh, believe me, I'm chilling. In reality, I'm enjoying watching the Daily Kos dictate crop-circle-level pathology to those that seem to have no other valve for political outlet.

    Have you ever heard of abetting the most preposterous nutroot theory to come down the political pike? I was just trying to save our good former editor's credibility, by warning her that there's nothing but embarassment on this bandwagon.

    Have a good day. Oh, and Snopes won't need to refute it. Even those myopic Kos people are refuting it now.


  4. Ron, honey, thanks for your concern for my reputation. Sweet.

    You realize that talking about a wild story isn't the same as believing it, right?

  5. Of course I do (and I know you already know that). I'm just wondering what fanning flames of something so preposterous contributes?

    Plus, by now I'm sure you've heard the real breaking story: Her daughter is actually pregnant now, with plans to marry in the near future (I presume).

    Now, either this will become the non-story it is, or some kind of twisted satisfaction will arise from those that cannot simply oppose her on ideological grounds. I expect the Kos people (who by the way clogged the comments sections with their hopes that Tony Snow split the gates of hell apart) to do a jig. I was just hoping for something a little higher from you. Maybe you meant nothing by it. I didn't like the Michelle ""whitey tape" rumor any more than I like this.

    By the way. I liked your time as editor. I'm sure we don't agree on things in general, but hey--it's all good.

    Have a nice day, and take care,


  6. Speaking of fanning flames, what the hell is the Michelle "whitey tape" rumor, Ron? Seriously, I have no clue what you're talking about. Got any sources for this rumor?

  7. You know, I subscribe to the school of thought that it doesn't really matter who is the baby's mama. It's a family thing. The place where I'm getting stuck is that it seems incongruous to the rest of what we know about Sarah Palin (beauty queen, public official, Vogue model, etc.) that she would not share her pregnancy until the seventh month. And I have yet to see a picture of her where she looks convincingly pregnant this past spring.

    That much of it just seems plain weird.

    And Kelly, what do you suppose is the deal with the Daily KOS story that you had linked now being gone from the site?

  8. Commenters at Kos (some of whom are contributers to the blog) were arguing to get the post taken down from get-go. I suspect that's what happened.

  9. Wow, no idea what happened over at Daily Kos. Does he do that a lot? I disagree with scrubbing a post. If I'm wrong about something, I'll fix it and apologize and take my licks. I won't pretend it didn't happen. It's one thing to have an opinion that goes sideways on you. It's altogether different to make believe you never had it in the first place.

    Along the same lines...

    I agree with you about the mother relationship. An unexpected baby in the family is not the worst thing in the world, by any stretch. A loving family is a loving family.

    But it is flatly dishonest to pretend your daughter's baby is your own, to protect your public image. It's a lie. So I'm having trouble with what appears to be not a protective family move but political, strategic fakery.

  10. And if this is some big fat misunderstanding, doesn't it seem like this could be easily resolved by simply providing some pictures of Governor Palin during her pregnancy, and/or those first day pictures right after the child was born? As moms, we all have those shots.

    And as photogenic and relatively ubiquitous as Sarah Palin is-- beauty pageants, Vogue magazine, TV news, etc., it seems that there should be plenty of photos of her with child.

  11. Okay... so I really don't mean to keep grubbing on the woman, but...

    I was reading an article about Governor Palin today and learned that she and her husband eloped on August 29, 1988. Her son, Track, was born the following April, with no mention of it being a premature birth.

    Now, I still believe that whatever a family wants to do or promote in terms of family planning is their own business. If you're willing to take care of them, procreate all you like!

    But what gets me in this case, is that it appears that the Governor and her husband went all cart-before-the-horse in the family planning department, and so has their daughter. It should be crystal clear to Sarah Palin that abstinence is often not the best method for avoiding pregnancy. Her lack of support for sex education that covers more bases than abstinence leaves me wondering... On what other kinds of issues does Sarah Palin show such blatant cognitive dissonance?

  12. I'm not a fan of the abstinence program. I'm also not really a fan of public sex education. I also, also don't have kids, so what do I know?

    I probably won't vote for McCain/Palin, but I like her from what I've read and seen so far and think liberals are making a mistake by scrutinizing every last detail of her personal life. Seems like she's getting heat from every which way; the "not the mama" story was started by an Alaskan Republican and a lot of the old-school Alaskan Republicans hate her guts.

    Here's a link to a good article (in my opinion) on Palin and abstinence. Interesting quote:

    In the last year and a half, searches of her office's website and the Guttmacher Institute revealed no abstinence-only initiatives by her administration. Simply put, Sarah Palin is by no means the world's biggest promoter of abstinence-only education, as some people are claiming.

    I agree that there is a cognitive dissonance issue with Palin. Thing is, I'm seeing just as much congnitive dissonance in people trying to pin her down on this stuff.

  13. If you want more info (LOTS of info) on who is Trig's mom, see There is lots & lots of info there. Read it all.