My husband has a secret admirer

This came in today's email:

I saw your husband and son from afar at Shasta High School today getting your son registered for school. I personally do not know of a man in my inner circle who could have navigated that little event and lived to tell about it. Good job, Steve!

Steve may or may not concur with me, but I think that the many problems our children face in finding success in high school start with registration day... too many lines, not enough information as to what each line means, or what forms and fees will be required to successfully negotiate passage from one line into the next. Any 15, 16, or 17 year-old is going to be discouraged at trying to make sense of it all.

For an institution that should be all about being organized, it sure wasn't. I don't have enough patience for all that...


  1. I think he would agree with you, and I certainly do.

    You wouldn't believe how capable he is at so many of these sorts of parenting requirements. Some drive him crazy, but he does them anyway. The boys will never be able to say they were ignored in their childhoods, that's for sure. :)

    Thanks for the compliment to him.

  2. And the agonizing irony of the morning's event:

    My son has been trying for months to re-enroll at U-Prep, and approximately 49 minutes after I spent that wonderful hour in the rat maze on the Shasta High campus, Jesse finally got clearance to attend U-Prep.


  3. Cheer up. They're just getting him ready for the college reg experience. More and worse lines. Classes unavailable. Extra semesters just to finish requirements. Oh, he'll be well-prepared for it all! Frustration and disappointment is only relative to his expectations. Bring a book & iPod. Be patient and don't quit.