Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Whew. We've been so wrapped up in Food for Thought - A News Cafe that we let Pink Hollyhock languish. Well, you probably enjoyed the break.

The youngest cherub is registering for high school today. He's a junior. School starts Aug. 18. The eldest cherub is still working cleanup detail at Reggae Rising in Humboldt County. His college classes start the 18th as well. The man of the house is deep into revisions on his latest novel.

Elvis the dog is suddenly skinny. I can see his spine bones sticking up. Vet says he's fine, but I'm adding an egg and bacon to his food anyway. I know that's a bad habit to develop. What should I do instead?

Got to dash. The phone's ringing. I'd kind of forgotten how much time reporting takes -- and how much fun it is.


  1. I have a tiny dog that was severely underweight. I had him checked for worms etc. over and over again - and they told me he was fine - that it was probably psychosomatic. Finally a new doctor told me that there is a certain worm here that is very difficult to diagnose, or that he could have an ulcer and she gave him "Panacure". I guess it will kill the worm or the bacteria that can cause an ulcer. And it did. He weighs more than ever - and finally looks healthy.

  2. Thank you, Paige. That was kind of you to share a sensible solution.

  3. You've probably diagnosed the problem by now. But if one vet says he's fine, I'd get a second opinion. I'd be careful about bacon and eggs. Our Haley developed digestive problems eating people food, & now tolerates ONLY dog food. We finally balanced calories in with exercise, and she's looks perfect now. So what have you found out?