Foster furniture

This gorgeous chair and lounger have come to live with us for 18 months while their owner is away having an adventure. They are parked in the only space available, the living room, which is full of burgundy leather furniture. I mean full. But I like the lipstick red pieces so much I said yes to temporary storage. They call to me. They say something. Wait, I think I can hear it. Oh. This is what they say: UGH CROWDED CAN'T BREATHE HELP.

Shelly the interior redesigner, we need you.


  1. If the owner decides never to return to their former life, let me know.
    Somehow I've accidentally developed a bright red theme in my living room.

  2. john from redding, now in San joseAugust 12, 2008 at 5:44 PM

    Hmmm...I've noticed that my father-in-law and men his age are drawn to wear Hawaiian shirts. I wonder if bright red furniture and hats are the same for our female counterparts?

  3. I love the set. Last year, I inherited a chaise lounge from a former R-S reporter who was moving, a-gain.

    During this move, my friend had decided that downsizing was in order, so I wound up being blessed with various pieces of furniture, including the chaise.

    Upon hauling it home and positioning it in my living room, one of my son's sixteen year-old friends stopped in to raid the frig, and upon seeing the couch, she said, "Ooohhhh... it's like one of those couches from a porno movie!"

    Thus, 'The Porn Couch' was christened.

    And now, whenever I see a chaise lounge, I wonder how it is that sweet little Heather would have any idea what a 'porn couch' looks like.