'Enjoy' magazine articles

Enjoy profiled one of my local heroes in its upcoming September issue -- Gene Knaebel, photographer, grant-writer, miracle worker and fellow Rotarian. The magazine also profiled Food for Thought: A News Cafe. That's right - Doni and me and all our rowdy friends. We are humbly grateful for the generosity of Enjoy and the very talented writing of Kerri Regan. Click here to see the articles.

Thank you.


  1. The Northstate is lucky, indeed, to Enjoy this lovely publication.
    The editor and publisher REALLY understand what it means to serve the community. And Kerri always does a superb job.

  2. Happy Joy Joy...nothing better than seeing a good recipe rise to the top. Congratulations to all the cooks in the News Cafe kitchen! We are fortunate to have such talented writers and journalist alike contributing to our communities online food bin for thought. Cheers!

  3. i treasure my copy. kerri is one of my favorite ex-rs (along with molly who still does specials for marketing).

  4. It was certainly my honor to meet the esteemed Mr. (and Mrs.!) Knaebel and to spend some quality time with the "Food for Thought" team. Inspirations, one and all. I appreciate the kind words. (And Erin and Larry - please know that I'm in both of your fan clubs, as well!)