Do nothing in moderation

Sometimes you find a new recipe that on paper sounds just exactly experimentally right, and you assemble all the ingredients on the kitchen counter for days, even the eggs because they should be room temperature, and then, because it sounds so precisely right, you double the recipe. Even if it is only 6 a.m. Even if it takes you two hours and a washtub to mix it up. Because if perfect is that good (even only in your mind), twice as perfect is full-length angel wings in heaven plus gold stars on your celestial chart.

That is why I find myself with 8 pounds of chocolate chip cookie dough in a Ziploc bag in my refrigerator. Eight pounds, on the brand new kitchen food scale. No lie. Eight pounds of dough.

Come over! We'll bake cookies. I'll put on a pot of bourbon.


  1. sweet chicken... that's a lot of dough!

  2. I could probably eat a pound, uncooked, all by myself. Yum.

  3. Bourbon and chocolate cookies...OK, yeah, I have had that before. What was the poundage of the candles?

  4. as Ranger would say to Stephanie ~ "Babe...."
    hope you're well
    ~the other kb~

  5. So, let me get this were supposed to just have four pounds of cookie dough?


    What is the boubon to cookie ratio, exactly?

    By the way, I wish I had had you as a Den Mother! Talk about your survival skills.

  6. I think 8 pounds sounds just about right! Its mandated by the cookie police that you must always eat at least half the raw uncooked dough. So now you should only have 4 pounds. And they always taste so good when they come out of the oven, so by the time they cool off you are only going to have 2 pounds left. And you know that cookies laced with Bourbon never last long, and they make the kids sleep soooo well!

  7. That dough's money in the bank, sista. xod

  8. I think I'm with Philbert on this one... I'd like to have you as a den mother... and I'm also curious about that bourbon to cookie dough ratio...

  9. Zen den momma says:

    ThomG, it was just the one candle, and it weighs about a pound insided its glass jar. Turned out pretty. No ice cubes or waxed cartons anymore. Say, I wonder if cookies would make it to South Dakota without crumbling to bits?

    Susanne and Kerri, those children are keeping you up much too late. Cookie? Take two, they're small.

    Phil and Greg, 4 pounds, 8 pounds, whatever, it all looks the same on my hips. Where were you when my kids were little and I could've used the bourbon-cookies for everyone in the house and the cub scout troop?

    Doni: I'm learning from the best - thanks.

    Other kb: Right back at you, babe...

  10. I think if you pack them well, bourbon travels just fine. Oh, yeah, and cookies, too.