6 a.m. in the kitchen.

He: What are you doing?
Me: Making a candle.
He: ... Why?
Me: Felt like it.
He: At 6 in the morning.
Me: That's right.
He: ... Uh-huh. ... Why?
Me: No particular reason. Remember making candles in grade school?
He: Nope.
Me: Yeah, remember, out of wax-paper milk cartons?
He: ... Nope.
Me: With ice cubes inside? Red wax at Christmas?
He: Still nope.
Me: You filled the carton with ice cubes. Poured the wax into the carton over the ice. It melted and hardened the wax, and after the wax cooled, you tore away the milk carton to reveal a tall, shiny, Swiss-cheese-looking red candle. I thought they were beautiful.
He: Oh, yeah.
Me: I was 8. You have no clue what I'm talking about?
He: I remember people making them. But I never did.
Me: What did you make?
He: Don't recall.
Me: Hand prints in plaster of Paris?
He: Ye.... nope.
Me: Pot holders?
He: Nope.
Me: Ceramic ashtrays?
He: .... Maybe.
Me: You made macaroni-and-kidney-bean roosters.
He: .... Yep. And Popsicle-stick pencil holders. But none of that candle crap.


  1. Holiday wreaths out of card stock and small squares of green tissue paper...

    Pinatas out of a balloon and crepe paper...

  2. Somebody's feeling creative ... Oh man, you took me back to my childhood. I smell the wax. I see silver glitter specks on the candle's body. Hey, how about those epoxy paperweights and brooches with mini pine cones inside? (I never made them, but my artist twin, who attended art camp at the Redding Museum in Lake Redding Park, did.) Thanks for the time travel.xod

  3. We made sand candles. Looked suspiciously like large Elmer's Glue bottles.