The unsinkable Doni Greenberg

Anybody else would have bagged it.

Doni Greenberg, your friend and mine, was driving into Redding every morning last week for Jazzercise class and to run errands, and spending every evening rehearsing for a charity dance contest. She also made time for friends and ailing relatives. She cooked. She selected costumes and had them tailored and fitted. She planned for a visit by a son who lives on the other side of the world. She published her website on schedule and worried about firefighters, and when the many wildfires threatened homes and lives, she worried about how to get the latest information online for people who needed it.

When she and her husband, Bruce, realized they might have to evacuate their own home, they just shook their heads and started packing the essentials. They never stopped moving, never stopped the classes, preparations, dance rehearsals or website work. Every time they left their house in Igo, they didn't know if they'd be allowed to return. But they never stopped doing what needed to be done -- and they never stopped smiling.

Most people would have said enough is enough, and asked the Dancing with the Stars, Shasta County Style charity organizers to live without them. It would have been perfectly understandable.

Not her. Let someone down? Unthinkable.

Doni will be the first to tell you she has lots of help. Together, she and Bruce can do anything. I believe it.

But she also has a quality beyond personal strength. In awe and admiration, I watched her dance Saturday night, knowing how she has spent the nine months since she was fired from the newspaper, knowing how she's spent the last two weeks (forfeiting her own birthday party, which she would never tell you), thinking, this person simply never gives up. I hope to be like that when I grow up. She refuses to let setbacks or difficulties define her. She dances away from the edge of the misery pit in which so many people love to wallow. She laughs. She is buoyant. She's beautiful from the inside out, full of surprises, unstoppable and irresistible.

That's star power, baby. She's got it. Brava!

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  1. Aside from my own family members, there is no one I'm proufer of than Doni. The Greenbergs are amazing people.